Week 14 – MKMMA & October Sky

The true story about Homer Hickam, the high school kid that dreamt about taking up rocketry and participating in the science fair, is very inspirational.  I can see many parallels between the October Sky movie and my journey at the MKMMA.

Homer can clearly see his Definite Major Purpose (DMP) of flying his own rocket someday after viewing the Russian Sputnik roam across the sky at his hometown Coalwood, West Virginia.

Despite the multiple hardships, obstacles and ridicule from family and friends, Homer faced his issues at hand with persistence. He did not give in when his friend thought he was crazy when he befriended Quentin, the math geek at the school whom also is interested in rocketry science. He did not give in even though his father thought that he should conform with everyone in town, and become a coal miner like himself. Sounds familiar, anyone? My husband, my sons and some of my friends thought less of me when I decided to pursue the network marketing business. That did not stop me!

As Og Mandino’s Scroll IV stated: “I will persist until I succeed.”

Homer did not stop pursuing his dreams when his math is not the strongest of subject at school. He only thinks of ways to solve problems instead of focussing on his shortcomings.
He conquered his weakness and figured out the trajectory pattern of the rocket to prove he and his friends did not start the forest fire. Right on!!! That’s the miracle of our mind, the Law of Growth.  What you think about GROWS.

Although Homer had no intention to be a coal miner for life, he gave in due to his father’s injury. He worked at the coal mine to help the family get over the hurdle. He doubted himself and he was going to settle until Ms. Riley, his high school teacher encourages him to pursue his dream. That is like the Alliances here at the MKMMA. All the MKMMA members gather together, aiming to find our true self, working in harmony. I thought about giving up when I fall behind during the holiday season, but my friend Marianne, who is also in the class has led me to re”think” my purpose. The encouraging messages I received through my blogs also helped me through. That is the power of the Mastermind Alliance!!!! Catching up is not easy, but “I will persist until I succeed.”

“Have the courage to dare, the faith to do…”

“If there is a will, there is a way.”

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Week 13 – Over the Holiday Season of 2014

I have to admit that I did not do well during the winter holidays with my elder son returning from college in the East Coast.  Then, guest, parties, entertaining, etc. etc.

My old blueprint really took over?  Yes, maybe for a little while?

But, not for long…

After viewing the week 13 webinar replay just last week, I have come to realize that no matter which week the course is in, the MKMMA staff have gotten us covered.  The program is soooo… well thought out.  Why am I saying that?  Well, they have predicted that some MKMMA members would encounter challenges to keep up with the exercises, namely myself.

I appreciate Cassandra and Lydia came on board and shared with us what they went through, their difficulties at the beginning.  These sharings gave me a lot of encouragement to pick up and set the wheel in motion again.

If I had participated in the week 13 live webinar, my handling of the vacation may have been different.

As Mark said in the webinar:  “Give your future self – PROSPERITY, not problems.”

“I am in charge and I always keep my promises. ”

Belated holiday wishes to all my friends at the MKMMA!!  — Janet

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Week 12 – The Power of the 50-minute Exercise in Front of the Mirror

During this week’s webinar, the MKMMA alliance group participated in a 50-minute affirmation in front of the mirror.    I also did the same.   This activity is so powerful.  WHY?  Because I felt that the repetitiveness nature of the exercise have helped nourish my “world within.”

Standing in front of the mirror, looking myself in the eye,  I repetitively read my one-sentence DMP.  At first, I read it really softly because I do not want any of my family to hear it.  As I progress through the exercise at approximately 20 minutes, I feel that my DMP becomes even clearer than before.   I reworded some parts for clarity.   Looking at myself through the mirror, the feeling really resembles the feeling of reading the “Gal in the Glass.”  I then realize that I am actually talking to myself.   The volume of my voice was gradually louder, and then softer, as if I was reading to myself.  All these repetitions have helped me DRIVE MY THOUGHTS (DMP) into my subconscious mind.   Continuous effort will eventually pay off.

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Week 11 – An Extraordinary SIT

During my sit this past Wednesday, I became really emotional and actually broke down in tears.  I cried because my heart breaks, but at the same time, I was elated that I have done something very meaningful to my parents.

Live the Life You ImaginedWith my eyes closed, I was visualizing the expressions of my parents when they open the door to the apartment on the 16th floor that I re-purchased for them in Hong Kong.  It was really clear that they were elated, overjoyed and overwhelmed with emotions when they open the double door and set foot into a foyer of a place where they can call “home” again.  They have their own room, closets, powder room and of course a private bathroom.  My daddy sat on the sofa, enjoying his newscast airing on a 55″ flat screen TV in a spacious, air-conditioned living room.  I was just overwhelmed with happiness.

A home in Hong Kong means family bonding, peace and happiness for all.

After visualizing our home, a non-deliberate thought on how to attain this goal came to my mind.  A meeting with my auntie#12 in Hong Kong just mysteriously appeared right before my eyes.  I “see” myself meeting her at a coffee shop, asking her to connect me with some of her friends who may be looking for a money-making opportunity.  I actually “hear” our conversation.

Me:  “Auntie Lorraine, it breaks my heart to see that my parents, especially my father, do not have a place to stay when he travels to Hong Kong from Toronto.  It does not make sense that he had to ask for his daughter’s or his son’s permission to stay overnight when needed.  So, I want to buy a place in Hong Kong and I need your help….”

It felt so real that I became emotional and my tears streamed down from my eyes even though they were closed.  I tried opening my eyes, but I felt as if there is some unexplained force that wanted me to keep them closed and continue with this “movie.”  I felt a little weird.

Afterwards,  I reminded myself that I will FOCUS on my DESIRE, not why I want to do what I do (aka. the problem).   The Law of Growth … What we THINK about grows… so I am very careful in how I communicate with my subby.   I will eliminate the sad part and focus on my goal.

My DMP has become stronger … I always keep my promises!

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Week 10 – Choosing to be Better

I want to take this week 10 blog to do a review of how I changed.  I have definitely improved but it could have been better.   It could have been better because if I had been more consistent with my SIT from the beginning, I may possibly be able to find the harmony within earlier.  BUT, I am going to get myself out of this “cliff” and back to flat land.

I will start with the positive first…

Specifically, I can state what I want out of life in 10 words or less. I am more confident.  One thing to worth taking note is I am even more positive than before I start this MKMMA course.  The 7-day mental diet has made myself aware of how many negative comments I make on a daily basis.  I become a better observer and I consciously stop making an opinion.  By changing to handle a situation in a positive way, the situation has actually handled itself.  To clarify, what I mean is:  the issue actually resolve itself just by my not making a negative comment.  It is powerful, really powerful.

My sons and I were working on college applications at the end of November.  He wanted to make the world a better place for the people by being an Urban Planner.  When my aunt read the statement, she felt that it is too big a dream and it sounded unreal.  While she had her OPINION, I told my son:  “NO ONE can tell you how big or small your dream should be. You decide for yourself.”  As Mark always say:  “Nobody determines the growth of your business, BUT YOU.”

Starting in week 9, I am doing my sits consistently on a daily basis, but have yet to make any  connection or any enlightenment.  I see lights at times.  I can see a few friends and my sponsor in my sit.   But all these does not make too much sense yet.  However, I can see clearly the house that I lived in when I was young.   [That is what I have added to my DMP.]

The main thing I still need to work on…

I am fighting myself with an authentic DMP.   I know Liberty is definitely one but am unsure what is my other PPN is, whether it be HELPING OTHERS or RECOGNITION or LEGACY…  My goals and my actions are not yet consistent with my beliefs.

I realize that until I find my authentic PPN, I will not be able to affect my subby.  My subby has doubts…

Until next time…

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Week 8 – Responding to the “Gal in the Glass”

During my teeth brushing time, every morning and evening, I read this poem and look at myself with my eyes wide open through the mirror.  This is really powerful.   Powerful because I have no one to answer to but myself.  I ask myself every time, can I really love someone who does not fulfill all her promises daily?  The answer is NO.

I have to say that I did not do so well this week #8. I felt really bad.  I felt I cannot answer to “the gal in the glass.”

I am not here to make any excuses.  I am not a TV person and I do not watch TV.  I did “surf” the internet for shopping, etc.  I just have maybe taken on too much on my plate.   All I can say is if I do not fulfill the other responsibility, I will have to live with regret for the rest of my life.  And, I do not want to.  I believe that is the true meaning of “sacrifice”, you give some, you take some.

Starting in Week 7, I did my 15-minute EVERY SINGLE DAY without fail.  In the middle of Week 8, I struggled.  I did attempt to, but this was my experience.  By the time I get around to my 15-minute sit, I was just too tired and cannot stay focused.

This is how it went:

I set my timer to 16 minutes. (Yes, 16 minutes, not 15 because I accounted for the time I need to settle down.)  I started sitting still, imagining the scene of my DMP two years from now, noting how I feel when I can bring my father to a vacation at the Yellowstone National Park.  Within the first 5 minutes, I nodded off and my head moved.  So, I have to restart the timer again.  I repeated the procedure for a few times, and I just had to wait until the next day. 

Although I am not too successful with my SIT, there are two items that gave me tremendous help – my DMP recording and my movie poster.    These items require no effort.  I am so glad that I completed these assignments.  I see my movie poster everywhere —  in my book, my car and my walls around the house.   I listen to my recording at anytime with a press of a button.

Week 9 is a new beginning and I promise “the gal in the glass” that I be a person whom I love dearly all the time!

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Week 7 – On the Way to Finding My Bliss

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”

                                                                                    -excerpted from “Oh The Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Suess

As Dr. Suess suggested, we all have the power to steer ourselves in whatever directions we choose to head to.

As I continue my MKMMA journey after the week 7 webinar, I have made myself the recording  and I saturated my subconscious mind with the blueprint builder, my definite major purpose statement, and my plan of actions.

Throughout the week, I played the recording whenever I have a chance to do so.  I dubbed the recording so that I can listen to it all the time.

I listen to myself in the car while I drive.

I listen to myself when I walk the treadmill.

I listen to myself when I wash dishes in the kitchen.

I listen to myself when I wash my face and do my facial in the morning.

I listen to myself whenever I have a chance to do so.

All these repeated listening have produced a compounding effect on my subby, tilling the soil and get it ready for the seeds to germinate.  Although my mental images during my 15-minute sit is still rather vague, I do have one experience that is worth sharing. One time, my previous home in Hong Kong emerged in my mind for a while, and then it went away.  A week ago, I included the picture of my previous home where I grew up onto my Movie Poster.  I plan to purchase the place again for my parents because that home meant a lot to them.  Perhaps this is the first step that my mind is making the connection.  I got really excited and I am proud to announce that I did not even miss any 15-minute sit throughout the ENTIRE week.  I am so proud of myself.

“You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”  I choose where to go and I will get there.  It is just a matter of time!

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